As per the government notice, All PAN card holders must linked aadhar card with PAN card under the given time frame by central government. If you are going to link PAN card with aadhar card then follow the below given steps and procedure.

PAN (Permanente Account Number) is a 10 digit number which works as financial transaction tracking identity for the taxpaying people as well as non taxpaying people. PAN number or PAN card is basically used by income tax department to collect the income tax as well as tracking of wealth of Indian citizen. We all know that aadhar card, PAN Cards, Voter ID Card etc. are identity card published by Indian government but none of used as Universal identity card. Government wants to fill these gaps so they want to link aadhar card with PAN Card as well as aadhar card link with voter ID card.  Now in this post, we are focusing on aadhar card link with pan card so read full article if you want to link PAN Card with Aadhar Card through SMS and E-filling Portal.

Document Required to Link PAN Card to Aadhar Card

You need some authentic document if you want to link PAN card to Aadhar Card. So you need following document to join the pan card to aadhar card.

  • Must keep verified PAN Card Number (if you not sure about verified PAN then click on this link)
  • Valid Aadhar Number (check validity status of aadhar card).
  • Keep mobile number which you have given in both documents.
  • You should know steps and procedure to aadhar aadhar and pan card.
  • Must have valid URL where these processes will happen.

How to Link PAN Card to Aadhar Card by E-filling Website?

This section is for those people who know computer and online stuff. You must know the income tax department online website if you not know then click on income tax e-filling website. You also need verified process to add PAN to Aadhar card which are following. You have to follow five to six processes to complete the linking process.

Step 1:-

  • All of you should click on this link or visit
  • After that login to this site through the pan details and date of birth
  • If you are not registered with that then register with your pan documents

Step 2:-

  • Click on this link or visit e-filling website of Indian income tax department
  • Visit profile setting on main menu section
  • In dropdown list, you will get link aadhar so click on that

Step 3:-

  • You will get a page which looks like below attached image
  • So you should fill the pan details, date of birth, gender and aadhar number
  • After that enter the security code
  • Last click on link aadhar to pan

Step 4:-

  • The process of linking pan card with aadhar has been submitted. A welcome message has been pop up in your computer.
  • You will get a message regarding the confirmation of linking of pan card to aadhar card.

Links PAN Card to Aadhar Card by Mobile SMS

This method is easier from online method. It is also useful for those people who unable to access internet and other things so let’s learn how to link pan card to aadhar card.

As per the given direction of income tax department, you should follow the following process and steps to link pan card to aadhar card.

Step 1:-

  • Send SMS in the following ways or in following format to 567678 or 56161
  • The message format is UIDPAN<12 digit Aadhaar><10 digit PAN>

Step 2:-

  • You will receive a message regarding the confirmation of aadhar linking